We have a staff of two women and four men, and all speak a little English, with varieties in vocabulary and grammar. Niluh has been with us since the house was built and is the eldest daughter of the farm next door. She has been to cooking school and handled foreign guests and household for years already.
She has an equally charming colleague, Kadek who is an experienced house wife. The “girls” clean and make up the rooms, but may serve breakfast and do laundry – even shop – or prepare a party for you - by appointment.

Our four men share security responsibilities, but have otherwise individual duties. Nyoman is driver and the incarnated security and helpfulness: big, strong and polite, He is born in Denpassar & known by “half of Bali”. He is the perfect escort on missions outside the village. He will also fix anything that gets broken or malfunctions. Yoga works harder in the garden than anybody else, is warmhearted and friendly and faithful security. He also lives next door with his wife, and when he is not busy in our house you will find him around in the village tending to his free-ranging cattle. Nyoman II is a young man in charge of guarding the house from the afternoon till late evening when Made the night guard comes on duty. Made lives with his wife and small children in Denpasar. He and Nyoman will happily join you in a game of Bridge if you lack partners one night. But watch out, they are really good players!